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Frameless Primed Pre-Hung Door

Frameless Primed Pre-Hung Door

Our frameless doors are a testament to minimalist design and seamless aesthetics.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these doors showcase the beauty of simplicity, allowing natural light to flow effortlessly through spaces while creating an open and inviting atmosphere. With sleek lines, pristine glass surfaces, and innovative hardware, our frameless doors effortlessly blend functionality and style, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a contemporary and sophisticated look. 

Our Frameless Pre-hung are Ready and Easy to Install.

Color available: White. 

Lead time for production is 2-3 weeks - FREE Shipping

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Product Overview


Invisible doors are the elegant touch for modern interior spaces. One of the many qualities achieved with our sophisticated system of concealed (No casings and no visible frame from both sides) is the perfect continuity effect a wall-door unity (The door flush with the wall). We offer this product comes with smooth white primed; ready to paint in a color or made the design of your choice.

  • Custom Height and Width
  • Flush to the wall look as hidden doors.
  • Durable surface ready to be painted
  • Create the design of your choice.
  • Any wallpapers or skins can be applied.

Our frameless doors are ready for installation, are residential interior doors made high quality materials.
Italian aluminum matching frame, Solid Core (Wood Particle Board) with 1-3/4" thickness (Construction feels more substantial and secure), assembled with 3 concealed hinges 7/8 inches, round Corners in US15 Color (satin nickel) by default.
The door has a single pre-bored lock-set opening for time-savings and convenience specially made for magnetic door lock set.

This product comes with smooth white primed; ready to paint in a color or made the design of your choice.
Our doors are better resisting the impulse to bow or twist or flop around in the jambs.

Your liability is lessened, and the project will be more successful, long term.



  • Door Size Door
  • Door Swing

Our products are versatile and customizable to your needs. You can choose between door standard sizes, and select the swing of your door.


Package included:
Packing wrapped with plastic film,  on a wood pallet (if apply).

each full set of our Invisible Pre-assembled door (Prehung) ready for installation includes:

  • Concealed Frame.
  • Concealed Hinges.
  • Flush Slab with magnetic prep.
  • Magnetic Door Lockset Selected.
  • Wood Strips Lumbers.
  • Documentation

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