Online Order Modification

Online Order Modification or Cancelation: 

The order can be cancelled or modified within 48 hours of placing the order. Once this period elapses, The Door District will not entertain any further changes or cancellations. Please ensure that any adjustments to your order are communicated within this specified timeframe, as requests made beyond the 48-hour window may not be accommodated. 

Refunds and Returns:

Once 48 hours have elapsed since the receipt of the order, The Door District does not provide refunds or accept returns for the purchase. It is essential to note that our refund and return policy is strictly enforced, and any requests made beyond this specified time frame will not be accommodated. We encourage customers to thoroughly inspect their orders and promptly communicate any concerns within the initial 48-hour period to ensure timely resolution. 

If an online order is cancelled, a non-refundable fee of 4% of the total order value will be charged. This fee covers processing costs and potential inventory adjustments associated with cancellations.

Please Download by clicking the link below, Fill, & Submit this

Online Orders Modification or Cancellation Request Form

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